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Primary Care Provider in Bend, Oregon

Our patients are never just numbers in a system. We are fortunate to build years-long relationships with many of them—and care for their growing families. Our primary care provider team provides high-quality, comprehensive services to help patients reach their greatest health potential. 

We provide preventative care and testing, including wellness exams, yearly physicals, sports physicals, immunizations, blood work, and more. To meet our patient’s needs, we offer same-day appointments for acute illnesses and virtual visits as needed. 

Annual Exams

An annual exam is an important part of ongoing, preventative health. During this yearly physical, we gather your medical history, conduct a thorough physical examination that includes vitals, reflexes, and overall health, and order lab tests as needed. During this appointment, we also provide any immunizations needed and listen to patient concerns. Moreover, this is a great time for our providers to get the big-picture of your health. 

As a follow-up, our clinic is well-versed in caring for common chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, anxiety, depression, and more. 

Lab Services

Our Medical Assistants are skilled phlebotomists, and we are proud to offer the added convenience of on-site blood work for patients. We can perform Rapid Strep, Mononucleosis, Urine Pregnancy, and Hemoglobin A1C testing in office, with results in as little as five minutes. 

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Travel Medicine & Vaccines

Travel requires planning––part of which can include vaccines to keep you healthy while abroad. CFM’s primary care provider, Kristen Heron, PA-C, is one of a handful of Central Oregon providers capable of providing Yellow Fever Vaccination. In addition, she offers comprehensive travel consultations and administers Typhoid, Polio, Hepatitis A and B, and Meningitis vaccines, as well as prescriptions for Malaria prophylaxis.

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Sports Physicals

Most schools and athletic programs require students in grades seven to 12 to complete a sports physical prior to training. Also known as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE), these check-ups review patients’ medical histories, screen for existing conditions, review immunizations, and provide health counseling. Our provider will assess the student’s general health, strength, flexibility, reflexes, heart and lung function, and overall physical condition during the exam.  

CDL Exams

To obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you have to undergo a physical exam. The wellness check identifies if an individual is qualified to drive commercial vehicles. 

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Dental Screenings & Sealants

As part of our ongoing community partnership, CFM offers dental screening for qualifying insurances through Capitol Dental. Once a month, a dental hygienist is at the clinic to check for cavities, gum disease, or other oral ailments. Sealants are offered to help prevent teeth from decay.

Meet Your Providers

Our proficient team of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and outside specialists primarily focuses on prevention, wellness care, acute and chronic care, mental health support, and other evidence-based care and needs. 

About Caldera Family Medicine

As the trusted primary care provider in Bend, Oregon, we hope to serve as a home for health in the community. Whether it’s a patient’s first day with us or we’ve known them for years, we advocate for their well-being and utilize every available resource.  

At Caldera Family Medicine, we provide the highest quality care to empower our patients for life.