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CFM Pediatric Healthcare in Bend, Oregon

Well-rounded health starts from day one! We take pride in caring for our smallest patients, often seeing them from infancy into early adulthood and beyond. Our top priority is to keep children of all ages safe and healthy while building a solid foundation of trust in healthcare settings. The CFM team provides pediatric healthcare services that range from routine care visits and immunizations to sports physicals and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses. No question or concern is too big or small.

We strive to make every parent, child, and family feel comfortable, validated, and welcome. 

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Newborn Exams

Within 72 hours of giving birth, a newborn exam includes screening a baby’s eyes, heart, head shape, abdomen, ears, joints, and genitalia. During this visit, our provider will gather the baby’s measurements and vital signs and conduct a reflex test and skin evaluation. We’ll check that the umbilical cord is healing and consult with parents about any issues at birth. During this time, we will also provide education and guidance to parents until we see the baby for their next Well-Baby visit.  


Our clinic can refer out to local providers who perform circumcisions for parents who choose to go that route. 

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Well-Baby Exams

These regular check-ups occur on a specific timeline within the baby’s first three years before appointments switch to Well-Child visits. During these exams, we assess a baby’s physical condition, including its eyes, ears, nose, throat, limbs, abdomen, and chest. We’ll gather and track growth measurements that include head circumference, length, and weight. Our provider will use this appointment to assess the baby’s developmental milestones and counsel parents on proper care, feeding, safety, and what to expect in the coming months.

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Well-Child Exams

As your child grows, so do their visits. Well-Child exams are for children aged three to six. These exams function similarly to Well-Baby exams but include age-appropriate measurements for development, social-emotional skills, and cognition. During these appointments, we take measurements, conduct physical examinations, administer immunizations when necessary, and offer parents guidance on proper diet, nutrition, and activity. These appointments are great times for children to get comfortable speaking to a pediatric physician and voicing concerns. They’re also time for parents to address physical, behavioral, or mental health concerns. 

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Pediatric Check-Ups

The next check-up stage occurs in children from six to eighteen years old. Because we serve the entire family, we often see patients well past their infancy and have the honor of watching them grow and caring for them through new stages. These exams function similarly to Well-Child visits but address age-appropriate needs. 

Once they’re 18, your child can switch to CFM as their primary care provider. 

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Pediatric visits often include immunizations following the recommended vaccine schedule from birth to 18 years old.

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Urgent or Same-Day Visits

Most pediatric patients are only in the office for routine check-ups, but things happen. If a cold lasts a little too long or a fall on the playground requires stitches, our providers are here to help and support. We leave a few appointments available on the schedule for “urgent visits” to help patients and parents avoid the wait and cost of going to the ER. 

Prenatal Care

Growing your family? Caldera Family Medicine offers a wide range of obstetric services, from family planning to postpartum care. 

Meet Your Providers

Our proficient team of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and outside specialists primarily focuses on prevention, wellness care, acute and chronic care, mental health support, and other evidence-based care and needs. 

About Caldera Family Medicine

As the trusted pediatric healthcare provider in Bend, Oregon, we hope to serve as a home for health in the community. Whether it’s a patient’s first day with us or we’ve known them for years, we advocate for their well-being and utilize every available resource.

At Caldera Family Medicine, we provide the highest quality care to empower our patients for life.