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Our Primary Care in Bend, Oregon:
A Story of Transformation

In our incredible outdoor playground of Bend, Oregon, we’re surrounded by the towering Cascade Mountain Range. But every Oregonian is equally familiar with the striking beauty of a mountain’s transformation—the caldera. At Caldera Family Medicine, we support, honor, and care for life’s transitions, whether that’s from infancy to childhood or early adulthood to late adulthood. Like our namesake, we see the beauty and possibility of every stage and believe every patient has the right to their best health. 

Life is full of transitions. CFM believes you deserve a partner in health who has the knowledge and care to lead you through every stage to your best health yet.

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Our Founders and providers

Our primary care in Bend, Oregon, is led by Kirsten Heron, PA-C, Kendra Owens, FNP, Brianne Kanehl, FNP, Kate Meyer, PA-C, and Misty Boughton, CEO, who have combined decades of experience in the healthcare industry. Our entire team of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and expert patient personnel are dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized, compassionate care for individuals and families in our beautiful community.  

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To improve the health and well-being of our patients, families, and community through compassionate, comprehensive care. 


We’re committed to creating a practice that treats its people and patients with respect, integrity, and understanding. 

caldera family medicine pediatric services, primary care Bend Oregon


Compassion: The fundamental requirement for any healthcare practice is compassion. Without it, our patients are simply data in a system. With it, we can truly listen to our people’s needs and provide them with the support and services necessary for better health. 

Knowledge: Our practice values continuing education and encourages our practitioners to pursue it (beyond re-certifications). We utilize the most innovative practices and approaches that keep your well-being top of mind. Equally important, we believe in educating our patients so they are empowered about their health needs. 

Integrity: Health is highly personal. We keep our patients’ confidence, are straightforward and honest, and build trust from the first intake form to the end of every visit. Our practice likewise keeps integrity by cultivating a cohesive team of like-minded individuals. 

Respect: Respect comes from within at Caldera Family Medicine. 

About Caldera Family Medicine

As the trusted primary care provider in Bend, Oregon, we hope to serve as a home for health in the community. Whether it’s a patient’s first day with us or we’ve known them for years, we advocate for their well-being and utilize every available resource.

At Caldera Family Medicine, we provide the highest quality care to empower our patients for life.

FAQs About Primary Care in Bend, Oregon

An informed patient is an empowered one. If you can’t find the answer in the FAQs below, our staff is always here to help.

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What age of patients do you see? Do you see families?

We offer comprehensive healthcare services for those seeking primary care in Bend, Oregon, from infancy to adulthood. Whether you are bringing your newborn in for their first check-up or seeking medical advice for an adult family member, we are here to address the healthcare needs of your entire family.

What types of health conditions do you address?

Our team of experienced family medicine practitioners is skilled in managing various conditions. We offer primary care, women’s and men’s health services, prenatal and postpartum care, pediatric services, and behavioral health. Our skilled practitioners perform in-office procedures, including pap smears, IUD and Nexplanon insertions, EKGs, and more. In addition to scheduled appointments, we also offer acute care visits and same-day appointments for urgent needs. Please explore our Services page for more information. 

What should I expect at my new patient visit?

Your visit starts with filling out intake paperwork, so we can get to know you better. Your healthcare provider will spend time with you reviewing your medical history, including past illnesses, surgeries, medications, allergies, and any current symptoms or concerns. If indicated, it may include a physical exam, blood work, or other testing. Your new patient visit is a routine, non-preventive visit. Most people are due for their annual exam, which requires a follow-up appointment. However, children’s well-child checks or sports physicals can typically be done at the same time as their new patient visit.

What should I expect at a physical or a well-woman/man exam?

During this visit, we do a thorough physical exam and review preventive health screening specific to you, your age, and your risk factors. This is when we discuss mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, colon cancer screenings, and much more. We may order various lab tests depending on you, your history, and specific concerns. Please don’t hesitate to communicate openly with your healthcare provider about any concerns or questions you may have before and during the visit.

Do you offer telemedicine appointments?

Yes, we’re proud to offer telemedicine appointments to patients who request them. Please visit our Patient Resources page for more information. 

Do you take insurance?

Our practice is open to most levels of insurance coverage. We treat state-funded and private payers alike. We’re proud to offer insurance to our active duty and Veteran service members through TricareWest. We also have cash-pay discounts and payment plans for those who are uninsured. For additional questions, please get in touch with our billing department at 541-323-6489.