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Comprehensive Prenatal Care in Bend, Oregon

Growing your family is a beautiful time of change and transition. The Caldera Family Medicine team is proud to offer care and support for families before conception, throughout pregnancy, and in the postpartum stage. Our comprehensive prenatal care in Bend, Oregon, include discussions around conception, family planning, prenatal care, lactation support, postpartum counsel, and more.

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Regular gynecological check-ups are an important component of female wellness. These preventative and diagnostic health exams provide an opportunity to monitor or treat any conditions and maintain optimal health—especially before starting a family. CFM’s gynecological services include pap smears, human papillomavirus (HPV) screening, screening and/or treatment of STDs, breast examinations, menstrual issues, fertility evaluation, menopause management, and contraceptive counseling. 

Our clinic also diagnoses and treats gynecological disorders and infections, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), ovarian cysts, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections.  

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In addition to our gynecological services, we offer prenatal health services for expecting mothers. This includes regular prenatal check-ups throughout pregnancy to monitor the mother’s vital signs and health and the baby’s growth and prenatal screening such as ultrasounds, blood work, and noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT). 

Our prenatal care providers support mothers in whatever they need leading up to labor and delivery. This includes counseling on proper diet and nutrition, prenatal vitamins and supplements, exercise and activity, common immunizations like the tDap and flu vaccines, and mental health support. We can also refer out high-risk pregnancy management and birth preparation classes. 

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The postpartum stage is commonly referred to as the “fourth trimester.” This stage is an incredible adjustment for new mothers, and our providers are expertly trained to provide the care, support, and guidance necessary. Caldera Family Medicine offers follow-up visits to monitor healing post-birth, lactation support, contraception counseling, and counseling for recovery and mental well-being. 

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As part of our ongoing community partnerships, we work closely with local lactation consultants who help mothers establish successful breastfeeding and addresses any lactation-related concerns. 

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Caring for newborns is another way that we support mothers in the postpartum period. Our clinic has robust pediatric services that range from newborn screenings and check-ups to well-child visits and sports physicals as your child grows. 

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Meet Your Provider

Our proficient team of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and outside specialists primarily focuses on prevention, wellness care, acute and chronic care, mental health support, and other evidence-based care and needs. 

About Caldera Family Medicine

As a trusted provider of prenatal care in Bend, Oregon, we hope to serve as a home for health in the community. Whether it’s a patient’s first day with us or we’ve known them for years, we advocate for their well-being and utilize every available resource.

At Caldera Family Medicine, we provide the highest quality care to empower our patients for life.