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Welcome to Caldera Family Medicine

Caldera Family Medicine is a family practice emphasizing strong patient-provider relationships and comprehensive services. Our primary care clinic educates and encourages our patients to live their best and healthiest lives. Whether it’s a patient’s first day with us or we’ve known them for years, we advocate for their well-being and utilize every available resource.

We provide Central Oregonians from all walks of life—from birth to later adulthood—the comprehensive, compassionate care they deserve. 

Comprehensive Services For All

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The team at Caldera Family Medicine consists of skilled Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, expert patient and support personnel, and a network of well-established partnerships among primary care doctors in Bend, Oregon. To meet the needs of Central Oregonians, our primary care clinic offers a solution that includes comprehensive, personalized care given in a timely manner. 

With services spanning pediatrics to behavioral health under one roof, we hope to serve as a home for health in the community for years and generations to come. 

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A Story of Transformation

Just as a caldera can only exist when a major transformation has occurred, so it is in life. We undergo many transformations throughout our lives—from infancy to childhood to early and late adulthood. As each takes place, we leave behind our old selves and embrace the changes that come with the new stage. 

At Caldera Family Medicine, we help patients transition into all stages with the support and resources they need to achieve their best health and self.

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Patient Resources

Whether the first appointment or the fifteenth, we believe in providing our patients with the resources they need to feel empowered about their healthcare. Our patient resources include online payment and billing, insurance information, telehealth visits, and common forms. If you’re just joining the Caldera Family Medicine family, our new patient portal covers everything you need to expect and answers to common questions.